The latest November 2013 issue of Ophthalmology Times (Europe) presents an article entitled Astigmatism correction with a toric intraocular lens implant by Dr L Toto and Professor L Mastropasqua.

In cataract surgery it is often desirable to optimize the post-operative result and provide the patient with the best possible unaided vision ie without spectacles. Many people, however, have a “rugby shaped” front to their eye (cornea) which is known as astigmatism. Ignoring any astigmatism during cataract surgery usually means that the patient still requires spectacles in order to obtain sharp vision. This situation is not that unusual, the article estimating that approximately 1 in 5 patients (20%) have significant corneal astigmatism.

An elegant way of addressing the issue of astigmatism is to use a toric intraocular lens implant – the lens is made up with two different powers to counteract the rugby ball shaped cornea. The study presented the results of correcting astigmatism during cataract surgery using the Acrysof toric IOL’s (T3,T4 and T5). The authors report results of a significant post-operative reduction in astigmatism, good stability of the lens implant and a high level of visual performance. I have been using these lenses in suitable patients for several years and the study conclusions are certainly consistent with my surgical experience.

A full ophthalmic assessment, including discussion of visual requirements, is required to establish the optimum lens implant during cataract surgery. Detailed measurements are made of the eye shape and size so that the optimum lens can be chosen in any given situation.

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